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    Through the years there have been bands that walked various paths to find themselves while others seem to have fallen into their own skin almost immediately, while some bands seem to walk a path somewhere squarely down the middle; enter....Rayne. 


    Based out of Frederick, MD, this quartet has spent nearly 18 months in the rehearsal and recording studios crafting a sound all their own while also finding themselves as a band. With a professional pedigree that spans over the past few decades, Rayne is a band of seasoned professionals that have graced some of the biggest stages, the best venues and worked with some of the best the music industry has had to offer. As a team, the band certainly knows not only how to craft a well written song, but also how to present that material in a way that is appealing to not only the average listener but also the die hared music fan!! 


    With a sound that carries elements of the blues and what some would categorize as "arena rock", Americana and Roots Rock as well as an edgier sound that certainly falls under the "alternative" moniker, Rayne has stepped onto the scene with a sound all their own. 
    What makes this band special in the eyes of an ever expanding fan base is the fact that while the sound of the band is new, the songs lend themselves to a familiar quality that leaves listeners feeling they've heard it before. The end result is a following that is growing exponentially as word spreads about this powerhouse lineup! 


    The rhythm section pulls you into the material like a freight train and steadily pulses while the impressive song writing provides an ambiance and story telling reminiscent of some of the greatest songs we've come to know and love over the past 30 years. 
    To say the material has staying power would be an understatement; to say the band does not leave every ounce of themselves on stage during a performance would be a gross miscalculation. These 4 have spent their entire careers working towards what it takes to be a reckoning on the modern music scene while carrying a classic sensibility that leaves audiences in awe and wanting more!! In short, Rayne is the real deal!! 



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